Why Membership Matters

The National Center for Disease Control reports a 25 percent mortality reduction for severely injured patients who receive care at a Level I trauma center rather than at a nontrauma center.

For the millions of Americans who live hours from a major medical center, having a First Flight membership provides the critical air ambulance service that reduces time to an appropriate trauma center.

Benefits of Membership

Protection for Your Family

Everyone in your household is covered under a First Flight membership, including children away at college and elderly parents in nursing facilities.


Bedside-to-Bedside Care

With just one call, First Flight coordinates all aspects of your medical transportation, and a team member will be by your side through the entire transportation process.


Exceptional Customer Service

First Flight is committed to providing you with superior customer service before, during and after your aeromedic experience. Our members are our top priority.

Financial Peace of Mind

Emergency air medical services can be costly, but with a First Flight membership we work with your benefits provider(s) to make sure you have no out-of-pocket flight expenses.


Health Care Advocacy

For nonemergency flight transportation, First Flight works with your benefits provider(s) for pre-approval; if a claim is denied, we will appeal and negotiate on your behalf.


Unrestricted Flight Transfers

Whether you require medical transportation
once or 150 times within your membership term, you can count on First Flight to
provide you with the best care every time.