air medical services

First Flight provides lifesaving air medical transport services 24/7/365. We are committed to the patients that we serve.

Ground ems

First Flight Ground EMS provides Medical Intensive Care, Critical Care, and Specialty Ambulance service.

first flight advantage

When you choose First Flight, you are choosing peace of mind, you are choosing the First Flight Advantage.


First Flight is committed to providing exceptional air medical care to all patients requiring medically necessitated transports during the COVID-19 pandemic.  First Flight strictly observes all guidelines as set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as all guidelines mandated by all state regulating entities.

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At First Flight, our mission and commitment to our customers is exceptional medical care in the most highly equipped and safe aircraft.

who is first flight

First Flight is a fully licensed and accredited air ambulance company based in Texas. We provide around-the-clock air medical transport services throughout the greater West Texas region.