Choose the First Flight Advantage

At First Flight, our teams are committed to the highest level of safety and patient care practices in the industry. When you choose First Flight, you are choosing peace of mind, you are choosing the First Flight Advantage.

The First Flight Advantages You Can Expect


First Flight holds the National Accreditation Alliance Medical Transport Applications (NAAMTA) certification. A NAAMTA certification is a prestigious accreditation that validates the First Flight commitment to safety and excellence. First Flight maintains the highest standards in the industry regarding aviation, medical expertise, and professionalism as demonstrated by the NAAMTA badge of accreditation.


At First Flight, our teams are committed to the highest level of safety practices in the industry. We are the first to hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability, voluntarily undergoing routine audits to NAAMTA accreditors verifying our commitment to safety standards. Teaming with PHI Air Medical, we know that their safety standards meet the First Flight standard of excellence. We can proudly say that not only does safety drive every decision within the PHI company culture, but it drives the First Flight company culture as well. Our collective dedication to excellence has truly given us the competitive edge when it comes to safety standards and practices, which allows you to have peace of mind.


First Flight has a fleet of 5 King Air aircraft, which are a part of a line of American utility aircraft produced by Beechcraft. The King Air provides a comfortable and roomy riding experience to our customers. Each of the First Flight aircraft are medically configured to provide the top of the line medical equipment possible. At First Flight, our pilots are selected very carefully. Each one of our pilots are highly trained and experienced. First Flight employs an in-house Director of Aviation Operations, Director of Maintenance, and Chief Pilot boasting many years of collective experience in the aviation industry. All First Flight aircraft are maintained to meet the standards of excellence as outlined by the FAA. We proudly added a new rotor-wing aircraft to our in-service fleet in 2020. First Flight joined with PHI Air Medical to make this vision a reality. PHI Air medical was the perfect fit for First Flight because we knew that when it comes to helicopter transportation PHI Air Medical operates the finest emergency rotor-wing transport fleet in the industry. We aim to give our customers no less than the best. With our shared values and integrity with PHI Air Medical we deliver the best to our customers.


First Flight’s medical staff must meet a stringent standard of training and experience requirements to make the team, because of our high employment standards, we know we are providing our customers with the most comprehensive medical care possible.  Our medical staff is comprised of critical care flight nurses as well as 911/trauma experienced flight paramedics. First Flight is operated under the medical control and direction of Medical Director, Dr. Steven E. Serrano, DO. Dr. Steven E Serrano, DO, currently maintains a practice in Pecos, Texas. He has 22 years of diverse medical experience. He is affiliated with many hospitals including Medical Center Hospital, Reeves County Hospital District. First Flight provides continual extensive medical training opportunities for the First Flight staff that far surpasses industry norms.  The First Flight medical teams are trained and equipped to provide continuum of care in even the most critical of circumstances. Our teams provide compassionate care from bedside to bedside.


At First Flight, we pride ourselves on our readiness to meet the needs of our customers. We know that time efficiency is imperative during critical medical transports, and with that in mind our teams are trained to stay response ready, with the highest regard to safety at all times.


At First Flight, we make it our mission to create the most positive experience for our clients and customers, and we know that starts with our ability to provide excellent customer care. Every department of First Flight is customer service motivated and focused. Our company mission is to provide a friendly and personal experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations.