First Flight – Pecos Ground EMS

First Flight contracts with the city of Pecos to provide staffing and operational oversight for Pecos EMS, which is the city wide 911 emergency ambulance service. Pecos EMS has a response area for the city of Pecos and the county of Reeves with the exception of the city of Balmorhea.  Pecos EMS operates four MICU (Medical Intensive Care Unit) Ambulances out of three stations.  With the main station located in the City of Pecos, 1 Substation located in the North part of the County and 1 Sub Station located in the Southern part of the County. 

Reeves County is the 9th largest county in the state of Texas by area. Reeves County is approx. 2,642 square miles.  of that 2,634.7 is square miles of Land and 6.7 square miles of water.  It was created in 1883, the city of Pecos is the county seat and the most populated city. The county population from the 2010 census was 13,783. it had approximately population of 15,976 in 2019. 

Reeves County has major roadways of Interstate 20, Interstate 10, US 285, and Texas 17 running though the County. It is in the Middle of the heart of the Oil Field. 

Reeves County has one hospital within the County. Reeves County Hospital is a 25 bed Critical Access Hospital with a Level IV trauma rating. They do have an ER, small ICU, OB and General Surgery. They are in the process of building a brand-new Hospital that will be 144,000 square foot building.  

Pecos EMS responded to approximately 2,779 requests for service in 2019. 

Pecos EMS staffs the MICU Ambulance usually with 1 Paramedic and an EMT-B or AEMT. Pecos EMS protocols are very aggressive with antibiotics, RSI, Chest tubs. the protocols are almost a mirrored image of the Flight Teams protocols. Pecos EMS is Supported Locally with First Flight Helicopter, First Flight Fixed Wing aircraft and other Flight services though out the Area.

First Flight – McCamey Ground Services

First Flight Ground EMS provides Medical Intensive Care, Critical Care and Specialty Ambulance service. Our Ground MICU (Medical Intensive Care Unit) Ambulance works under the same high standard protocols as our Flight Service. First Flight Ground strives to provide the same level of care for the patients on the ground that they would receive in the air. 

Currently, our First Flight McCamey EMS is the service provider for three West Texas area hospitals. We work closely with Crane Memorial Hospital, Iraan General Hospital, and McCamey Hospital to provide these facilities as well as the communities the EMS support they need. The unit is staffed 24/7/365 with a Paramedic and either an EMT-B or AEMT. This unit provides transports from these three hospitals to hospitals located in Odessa, Midland, or San Angelo, Texas.  We strive to be a good resource for the area we serve, working through special circumstances as they may arise. 

First Flight Ground has a Specialty Ambulance based in Odessa, Tx. This unit is utilized to provide the most expedient transport services available to the patients we serve.