First Flight is committed to optimizing the highest standard of care to the community and patients we serve. First Flight knows that diversifying the ability to meet the various air medical needs is essential to best serving our customers and our patients. We proudly added a new rotor-wing aircraft to our in-service fleet in 2020. First Flight joined with PHI Air Medical to make this vision a reality. First Flight 1 is based in Pecos, Texas, and is staffed by a team of highly trained and experienced rotor-wing pilots, critical care trained flight nurses, and flight paramedics. Our teams pride themselves on their response readiness, training, and professionalism.


First Flight chose to partner with PHI Air Medical in order to extend our First Flight aircraft fleet to include a helicopter for medical transportation services. PHI Air medical was the perfect fit for First Flight because we knew that when it comes to helicopter transportation PHI Air Medical operates the finest emergency rotor-wing transport fleet in the industry. We aim to give our customers no less than the best. With our shared values and integrity with PHI Air Medical we deliver the best to our customers.

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